1450sq-ft Mixed Type Single Floor House

1450 Square Feet Single Floor Beautully Design, 3 Bedroom Mixed Roof Kerala Home Design.

1450 Square Feet, 3 bedroom mixed model house plan. Design provided by KM Group, Malappuram, Kerala.

"We are start this project 11th November 2020"
Square feet Details 
Total Area : 1520sq.ft. 
Design style : Mixed roof box type
Total bedrooms : 3

Facilities in this house 
Ground floor 
• Porch 
• Sit out 
• Living Family living Dining 
• 2 Bed Room with attached bath 
• Kitchen • Work Area

Designer        : Abdul Nazar KM 
More Details :  


Designs are changing day by day. Here we are presenting before you a highly modified and designed Kerala style Single floor house plan with construction area of 1450 sq ft in total. The total construction cost is estimated to 22 lakh. This is similar to them but small changes are done to make the design unique. Basically the plan is a combination of Parapet Wall and Roof in flat & Slope roof home.




Site Visit Date : 01/09/2021
Location          : Kerala, Malappuram Valanchery

Observations: During our visit we observed that the foundation walls consist of double wythe brick masonry walls. We report that it is unusual for only double wythe brick masonry to be used for a basement foundation wall of a house (rather than a triple wythe brick masonry wall which is considerably stronger and more robust) and as such we report that this foundation wall was somewhat deficient from the moment that it was constructed. The foundation wall does not meet the minimum requirements of the 2006 Ontario Building Code, however in view of the fact that it has performed adequately to date, we do not feel that the wall presents an unsafe condition. We observed during our visit that just below the grade level some inwards “bowing” of the wall is present. Near the corners of the basement, the adjacent foundation wall sections are able to resist the inwards pressure of the soil fill around the exterior of the foundation wall and little movement was observed. Significant inwards deflections up to a maximum of about 1” were observed between corners of the basement and were particularly noticeable near the basement windows where the foundation walls are discontinuous (due to the windows) and laterally unsupported. The inwards deflection or “bowing” of the foundation walls should be monitored and once the inward deflection reaches as much as 1.5” the wall will be considered to be bordering on unsafe and remedial measures are essential. We note that the presence of some brick pilasters along the length of the wall provide for some additional strength beyond just the double wythe brick wall itself. We report that masonry foundation walls such as those noted above do not contain any reinforcing steel bars and do not behave in a ductile manner when reaching the point of failure. Since brick masonry foundation walls can fail suddenly, we feel that it is important to take remedial action to stabilize the existing wall (by buttressing the wall from the interior) or by replacing the foundation wall entirely within the next 5-10 years, or possibly earlier depending upon further movement of the wall. Buttressing of foundation walls such as this can be carried out by simply constructing an interior pressure treated stud wall (typically double-2x6 studs @ 12” on centre) are used such that the new interior studs are fastened to both the 

Client asking for revisions, Finally doing this

"We are start First Floor Design 2th December 2021"


Right Side Elevation


Left Side Elevation


Sky View

"Revision of First Floor Design 01th January 2022"